Staggered Healing and Snippets of Summer in perzine ‘Trauma Castle #1-3’ — Broken Pencil Magazine


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Nürnberg, Germany: Bee There or Bee Square — GALLIVANCE

To the delight of winter-weary northerners and the dread of allergy sufferers, spring has sprung. The annual flower show has begun and Mother Nature’s floral minions, the bees, are out in force.

Nürnberg, Germany: Bee There or Bee Square — GALLIV

Sketch No. 05 – showcasing the bee material, while looking for the bee keeper. The scrumptious honey buns were mouthwatering and went well with our home brewed coffee/tea. After our institute decide to organize a local market which uses local and organic produce, students were asked to showcase their merchandise and as a result learn the nuance of the being out there and luring our customers. Our brands still stand the test of time as we opened our first flagship store which also occupies a luggage center shelf. One happy pollinating company. arbour day mints

FORTRAN technocracy


We usually catch up on the gossip and other important matters very discreetly it is like LIN’GUA FRAN’CA IT. LANGUAGE USED FOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT MOTHER TONGUES

Russians speak and write cyrillic, Cock’ney – as a native of London(pl-neys).

Civic sense & Kitchen style ……… we ought to make best use of our rolling pins we have heard of chefs being gifted with traditional ones. Roll up your sleeves for these quick fry-ums -(a) one cup maida flour,1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder or whole cumin, 1/4 cup gram flour, oil for frying salt and baking powder use water and oil for preparing a soft pliable dough and cut it with a pizza cutter, if you are using a big pan for frying cut into big por’tion.(b) Huge quantities of finger licking good fried food 1 stick of butter, 1/2 cup of warm water, 1/2 cup powdered sugar dissolve this well along with salt and baking powder and add maida flour till you get a nice consistency of a dough cut and fry this till your family hears the crunch and munch sound unabashedly around the dining area.(c) this is the oliver twist of the previous a & b recipes if you like please click on the bell icon to subscribe and leave your comments on the fast food joint section below. 2 tsp of dried parsley, 1 cup of semolina, baking soda, salt and oil in a jiffy toss it in the blender til you get the desired texture flatten it out on a cutting board to the thickness that measures 1/2 inch and cut it into long strips and fry them in hot oil and voila you’ll thank me for making you a fast food joint chef without the chef’s cap Enjoy!

I’ll be attending a outdoor seminar and doing a pavilion set up for our scheduled training – learning the ABC’s of financial and social therapy on using premium membership account, how to harness the benefits that’s boderline transcendent.MENU Fish pickle and coconut rice will be served and if you are teeto’taller there will be line up of refreshments to soothe your thirst.

Assa Chourico (Assa Chouriço) or Flaming Sausage!

Flemish hors-d’oeu’vre

we sincerely do not want to remember the days of yore when we would sit by our renaissance for the jovial revival. As we embark on our journey to Madeira the Han’sard echoes through the common rooms as though a hal’cyon or a Rufus ought to be recognised. The scrumptious dessert platters and other savoury sobremeza had done its part. And as an air hostess would – as to how may I help you? with a lugging lunch caddy to carry ot the kitchen area. We are coming to the beginning of our debate the state of flaming crispness.