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Memoirs of WP

Our whole family will soon swoon over the delectable spread, that is made simple and offered by WordPress.com

the swap over favorite in search was amazing in terms of star quality, thanks to the stint of jwhile articles from blogger . Awesome friends who are now mine virtual friends, with tons of folklore ideas and an iota of chuckling in tongue and cheek .

The sheer grit to post a few adorable comments and reply to the same means that much of attention is given to strangers we never even know wow. make it a point to go through the subscribers, their comments makes a commendable treat as to how online folks react to recaptcha.

The frosted or windshield washer glasses drove and stole a few hearts in Cheerapungi, Beware with whom you may strike a note extra ordinarily. You stumble upon those suspension bridges on your touristy visit to Assam, how awestruck are we and in wonder to appreciate like rosetta stone quote ” No time to stand beneath the boughs and watch as long as sheep or cows”

Have you tried the new gimmick of hastag as way of transferring certain type of files. Hope you’re liking the Women’s Day poster which happens on eight of march every year, it took the world by storm.

Orange and cherries panna cotta — helenscchin’s Blog

As the year 2020 draws to a close with all the pandemic, chaos and natural disasters, receive God’s Peace. This is still our deepest need, and Jesus our Prince of Peace, long to pour Himself into our neediness. May God fill us with His very being, permeated through and through with Peace. Thanks God for […]

& Tourism -attunedcom’s Blog

Orange and cherries panna cotta — helenscchin’s Blog

-Travel & Tourism – attunedcom’s Blog

We learn through food and nutrition chefs whose practice takes them to the nook and crannies of the city. There are other expertise like embroidery and stitching, ESL language training, DIY crafts , FYI decorating ideas really admire their devotion to their craft. Where they have folks teaming up to enroll in these activities and complete satisfactorily. During the pandemic we have heaved a sigh of relief with a few things that we have and be thankful and grateful. Paying heed to our powerful intercession and novena were answered. Seems like old times when we learn to catch up on hold hobbies/leisure/recreational treasured moments, we realize how to cope with modern facilities and life seems more amusing than ever before. Lately our acquittance returned from competing in Scripps Spelling Bee competition, blushing from head to toe after winning the nationals. Picturesque artistically here we go some of the erstwhile examples –

we return to our humdrum existence with politeness, eagerly to learn and grasp more with the help of our experts. We focus on treating our stylistic and overall health order properly with genuine care. Population sciences program caters to those needing extra income and perhaps their marital bliss. In a lighter shade of grey we need to reduce our vocabulary to a minimum amount. even among huge crowds of people. Until then keep safe and stay pretty as you please.


Learning to Cope

before the catwalk, we have more items to participate in we do not return to the prime time booth where we rehearse our lines, do a dress rehearsal, make up and hair styling. From the beginning of the show to the end our part is scheduled. We be on all the parts at a certain time on stage so we’ve timed ourselves to dress for the part and organize ourselves accordingly making it a huge success for our team cheer leading song backstage.

(1) we argue between us describe your worst ever

(2) describe your stint in the kitchen with the least of seven favorite soups, & curries

go wild as you please go and do yourself a favor and share it on attunedcom.wordpress.com until then bye from our remote location Crisscross dessert in Canada.

Doce Bhaji – Goan Tea time sweet ( Merenda ) — Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes

Ingredients: ¾ cup broken wheat / Burgul 1 freshly grated coconut (to make thick and thin milk) ¼ cup sugar (⅓ cup if you require sweeter) ⅓ cup broken cashew nuts 10-12 raisins 5 cardamoms ⅛ Piece of nutmeg 2 tablespoon of ghee Pinch of salt Water as required Pre-preparation: 1. Soak the broken wheat […]

Doce Bhaji – Goan Tea time sweet ( Merenda ) — Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes

Phir – from the first milled and cooked rice to the soaked and boiled beans, to the coconut milk, jaggery, cardamom, and turmeric leaf. The fresh aroma of the sweet is to scintillate the senses during the monsoon downpours. The next day you bite into the slice of the Fhir with quenching sip of morning coffee during the early rainy season compared to the winter cup of expresso and the usual. P.T.O for TDBK

Mini apple turnovers (almás mosoly) — Twin Cities Herbs

This tasty dessert will satisfy your autumn sweet tooth any time. They are simple, puffy and delicious. No need to buy puff pastry from the store, you can make the buttery, flaky puff pastry with the three simple main ingredients: butter, cream cheese and flour. There is something about simple, delicious dishes that are just […]

Mini apple turnovers (almás mosoly) — Twin Cities Herbs


Kitchen style: a new twist on jell-o pastel cookies. Cream the butter with sugar add egg mix well add 3/4 of your jell-o, gradually add the flour with salt and soda bicarbonate, save some cream butter to pop it on the dough center bake at 350 to enjoy your favorite flavor .


Saving for life and owing it all on the domain jdiweekly.com coming up with clever ideas? how many are accustomed to reading i-in-the-queue it was an online project to focus on the voracious appetite for hot of the press and succumbing to be a very avid fan.

There we grasped on to our negative review not meant for a particular purpose in other words thwarted to avoid posting.Some of us seem forever frowned upon and as a result deemed useless in our potential for doing something good for our community. There are a few hardcore critics whose opposition have devalued so many on site that we have crumbled pieces of that pie to share-

IN FOCUS – While children are playing jwhile@blogspot.com

a.mainstream negativism has been bearing down on our workflow

b. old world attitude suits to their idealogy we are here to listen and cater to their unending needs.

c. Snap out of it people are left without work, home and literally damsel in distress, we see people voicing their opinion in Morcha, Bandh and strike among them were us suffering silently without a ploy to come out and help ourselves is a grim reality.

d. We have cashed on browser that helps us keep this work alive we are so appreciative of their kindness, isn’t it a high time we customize and personalize our cyberspace activities our teamwork should not go to waste we have taken so much for granted already and now to meet with a predator is scary.

From a private eye: from your perspective we have merged with an app a platform IU where you can navigate your progress from anywhere round the world so Jdiweekly won’t be jdiweekly.com until and unless we grab the iu issue. Your expertise thanks,we’d love to hear from you! Help us improve by sharing your feedback with the short survey.



Well nurtured, so many disadvantages for that reason https://jwhile.s3.amazonews.com/blog/pdf whoever else haven’t heard about the sexy towel flip go check it out at your own scoville level. Here is is sneak peek at our most recent summer retreat jealous/envious not to worry…..

another thing we styled our voucher to suit the personal financial system, for in depth look at how to achieve your retreat success; May not be not be exactly the same but you can count on us for your immediate makeover. Simply thwarted by the gimmicks of an Ad. company we release testimonials of our satisfied ex clients for example