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soup bowl so be it  – enjoy the soup fest, I’m whetting my appetite for a good amount of Gazpacho and maybe Mulligatawny. While reviewing the comic strips competition results wow the winner is MUTT & JEFF, are you a food junkie or a comic strip aficionado. https://giphy.com/gift’lite


serving the community through the forces, many of our family and friends gathered to enjoy the military forces be it Army, Navy or Air force, your work is never finished but we get invited to your installations, parades and to a navy ball, next time we see you’ll for the medical ball. https://jenefadesouza.tumbir.com

E.E.D.S -medley

Pedagogue – you have to mark up an essay  marks -10/10, you are personally deprived to improve on prose composition, you decide to improve your dialect in debate and elocution competition. Your rehearsals show how you can improve in different ways by getting help from your prompter, hark in charlie brown show goes to show how we digest our errors in the matinee show with members of your family.

 URBANE www.Pinterest/hershel you get hit hard by topics you have the slightest, you tend to run from pillar to post to make it your favorite, all your hard work pays up when you are punctual in submitting your work to your professor. You nailed it cos it was familiar to you in quiz contest you did not have to use a lifeline.

LOCALE -for the second reading there is no response to say to fellow-worshiper’s gathering and repeat but for the first reading there is a response that you have to garner once then as usual repeat till it is over. That error happens and you tend to get nervous and mumble some words and come out of it in one piece.Carols and choir members have to learn their parts properly so they go to practice.

OUTFITTER’S -they broadcast some recordings on television and radio, some categories are for children’s show and request program from viewership and listener’s choice come by mail or a phone call that is a inland letter and phone line to the Rock Q 10.7, it has that value when you tune up and stay up for your request. https://jwhile.blogspot.com

MARSHALL’S –cultural pell’-melee’ melting pot – usher in despite of  medical bills and rent increase notice you have to brave it out, we put in rubrics to in order to proceed in a dignified way. Our typos often have a neglected impetus unless we find the need to improve at  work hour . We put in our best grammar and we get plagiarism effect. In this session of ubiquitous one blushes in complimentary drink from the lobby manager. It is arduous in the beginning but once you get a hang of it you stay up.

EURASIAN CUISINE – Indomitable in precise writing can be fun, if  you have a pet or not you have to  submit to composition piece regarding a topic on domestic animals. When delirious about an idea which is easily  a copyright and shareable. How diverse and capable one is an astounding matter, we have to be in subject to certain reference to get  that hip look. One is easily judged by and as a result affected by that conservative vocabulary. A descriptive work  pre-requisites tends to get adjusted by fewer words and punctuation does the trick. Public opinion at the docks. 


Q. I’m exploring  a job change and wanted to see if you had time to talk     about your experience in finance.

A. Sure,….would Thurs. afternoon at my office work ?

Why I can’t write a good personal essay

10/10 essay writing – prose composition etc

Tenure, She Wrote

I haven’t gotten a pay check since my fellowship ran out in 2017. Funding is scarce for students in the end of their PhDs and scarcer still for international students with disabilities, so it’s not too surprising that I’ve been turned down for everything I’ve applied for.

Almost 5 years ago, I wrote with regard to applications for funding and otherwise:

Use your story and the survival skills you’ve gained to succeed. I use my escape from rural poverty in personal statements to show that I have incredible drive, creativity, and independence.

But I just can’t do it any more. I can’t make my life a funny, moving, educational story for someone else to judge.

I used to follow my own advice. I turned the ways in which I don’t fit neatly into the world into pat inspiration porn. I talked about disability, adverse childhood experiences, being queer in…

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revitalization-JD I WEEKLY

Recipe Contest: Draw

backtracking all entries and winners in the recipe contest. Due to numerous problems in kitchen style trials, taste testers and financially planning to eat out and  inviting your guest and detailing it on the the table runner our company had provided, we decide to hold to contest again provided you invite your guest, the panel from the judges  will be the taste tester’s, and a few guidelines on how  casual dinning can get, be our guest in  forecasting the type of cuisine you will cater to.

In Focus–  avid fan of  certain criteria and have surely taken a fancy to few  types of emails  settings. I don’t think I’m going to change my set as yet to merge with the erstwhile on attunedcom.wordpress.com

Civic Swipe – ergonom’ics

study of relationship between workers and their environment, heard this topic in relationship to many areas in work related matter’s -one that stands out is people have decided to cater to litter free lunch, in fact if you decide to eat pizza it comes in it’s own container  yikes no more lunch bag yeah.




  • providing a clear path to project approvals and constructions
  • leveraging the expertise of federal and provincial regulators
  • establishing a framework for Bill -C 69’s early planning phase;
  • removing the debate on public policy questions from project reviews
  • creating a project list that clearly defines appropriate thresholds or criteria for any additions or deletions

federal  govt – the members of the senate can now create an improved legislative framework more concise, timely, simpler and certain for future energy developments.

heirloom recipe’s – Draw

our scrumptiously simplified culinary de’lite covers a whole spectrum of Hors d’oeuvre and  dessert in drink =tasty+ Kahlua,Baileys,Amarhula-Tiramisu 

our gratitude to @Grammarly for bearing with our typos and constantly helping to improve our vocabulary.

Slice Of Mango – @Mango to be a qualified translator and a linguist helps in many applications especially helping newcomers and adult literacy. In order to improve our communication Mango portal has acquired a place of repute to lots of computer user’s.

 Bargains cliched – you made my day 

coming up next week – until then have a safe one from attunedcom


We have decided to hold re-elections for the management, as a result we have a new dynamic team who works  efficiently to manage especially allocated bulletins for classifieds.

 ICYMI –  for our WEEKENDER 

sold out events and voracious fans thanks for your commitment to pizzaz on that note.

Our scouting team where left with new and upcoming I.T professionals who conduct webinar or seminars for web related matters to garner computer management in this fast paced world, for  more of these and other related matters of Google and Microsoft packages contact JD I WEEKLY. [ C V In Preview ] Our senior member: Jenefa, regrets she could make a cut with certain pro-line’s. this possibly is the best excuse to be with her despite of all her hurdles. kudos goes out to her and her family for putting up with her during those trying times.

we were asked to go for training that was conducted for 2 weeks, we decide to highlight and given permission to interview those members at those sessions. We introduce from our pool of talent Ms. D @attunedcom senior consultant. after chatting up with her on issues like (a) Hackathon (b) Spamalot  (c)Plagiarizing whose ubiquitous presence in ad-midst us is rampant.


CIVICS SWIPE -our decision has paid huge dividends – keep it up! we agreed on keeping a humorous part of this issue quite seriously, as we cater to special needs and other worthy causes that are dear to our hearts.

Our sponsors gave us not only monetary support but also decided to be a valedictorian. Our quest in the coming years will be to garner editorial ideas that can be mulched up in no time. Keeping it @Simply  simple is what we want to achieve. In case there were ethics related matters we had our team bins to get you out of that clumsy situation, until next TIME  XX ISSUE JD I WEEKLY be safe.

We are running out of time to cover certain jocular facts that occur thanks to the very good response from jwhile.blogspot.com


VANCOUVER2010food guide


alternately we have decided to snap out of the old format in-order to enable us to  focus more on the likes of our partners and sponsors. We engage with all types of  medium and shortlisted some of our finds. Come join and celebrate with us  as we embark on this remarkable  journey  on this site with pride hi WordPress.com

  • our team engaged with Kellogg’s  for  Lego my Eggo
  • every minute cliche clinched the Environmental Issues
  • garnered enough votes for  the protection of Human Rights
  • jury and a task force member for Health Benefits programs
  • # Simply Orange – Simple Yet Great Lives [showcasing]
  • added a new convention with a new code for our membership

we have filtered through all the media here for keepsake  food guide


In our HOT-SPOT contest we have a list of categories to choose from entrees to main course you may choose either one and follow the INSTRUCTIONS.  Please refer to the style, time management and guests number on the table runner provided prior to the contest.As per the custom of the contest you have to create and submit your own TABLE RUNNER  put on your thinking hats and  run on your creative juice.