Goan Tekshem / Tamshem — Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes

Ingredients: 1 kg cleaned sardines Salt to taste 1-2 slit green chilly Small ball of tamarind in luke warm water 12 tefla slightly pounded 6-7 kokum petals Grind: 8 Kashmiri chilies 6 cloves of garlic ¼ teaspoon cumin ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder 9-10 peppercorns Water to grind Preparation: 1. Wash, clean the sardines, apply salt […]

Goan Tekshem / Tamshem — Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes

Sardines in Food Guide

Hardly ever noticed the food we eat , for cholesterol and calorie reasons we have stopped eating certain foods hopefully they are not sardines. Many years back saw cleaned sardines Barbie style or just fired up till they were cooked well an good to taste.

Whenever I get a chance to be Kitchen-style with sardines of course. After cleaning them thoroughly just add oil some finely chopped onions, a pinch of salt and the garlic BBQ sauce from Kraft line marinate for sometime before turning on the stove to slow cook Tadaa we land with finger licking take on sardines, thoughtful that you may like this recipe.


Hot Cilantro Relish

What spices does to the tongue, colors do to the eyes that’s the neat idea that cooked up a storm at our next door neighbor get together –

Intact recipe hand written first, typed, next copied a several times for its authenticity – 1 cup cilantro , 4 fresh green chilies, 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1/4 tsp tamarind concentrate, 2 medium tomatoes, chopped, 11/4 inch piece fresh ginger root peeled and chopped, 1/4 cup water, salt to taste. Remove and discard the stems from cilantro. Place all of the ingredients in a blender choose ketchup for tomatoes is okay add a little sugar to your tart taste and puree to a fine mixture, keep it on stove for one boil then serve in a small bowl as a dip for appetizers and entrees. Fresh South Indian-Style green Chutney coming up soon.

Our own new outlook on life in provincial Canada.


What are the drawbacks of not finishing your coloring pages, send your feedback with the colored page in our comment section to WordPress.com/attunedcom Ciao

your health and your family. Just amazing, you had not had single pub style drink unless suggested by local barista at Tim Horton’s just give it a try.

Here’s how we put Virtual Canzine together in five months — Broken Pencil

If zinesters are the lifeblood of zine culture, then zine fairs are the heart, offering a place to gather, be inspired, and connect. It’s one of the few chances creators get to meet audiences (and each other) — and hopefully make some dough; a special place where new discoveries, projects, and friendships are born. Did…

Here’s how we put Virtual Canzine together in five months — Broken Pencil

To Your Health WP/blog

Our elected deputy health minister is referring to the diminishing and declining paper work that has to be attested online in these modern context, in order to revitalize the so called health scheme project. There are folks all over catering either to customers or sometimes as supplier to other depots. When members of your household busy with private coaching classes they also offer them food on time, taking note of their last minute preparation for exams.

Someone devoid of any make up , may look stunningly beautiful to some and as a result fail to recognize you, Yahoo! style has a amazing concealer from Maybelline to perfect your look for the evening. We’ve envied and rallied for the best on WordPress.com/Blog Hence forth or thus we appreciate your outlook on our #healthmatters.

Introducing WordPress Stories: A New Way to Engage Your Audience — The WordPress.com Blog

Interested in a new way to create and publish engaging content on your WordPress site? Today, we’re unveiling our new Stories feature, now available in the WordPress apps.

Introducing WordPress Stories: A New Way to Engage Your Audience — The WordPress.com Blog

In the WordPress apps

The weather at my desk is hot to touch, had been at it for 1hr max , trailing towards giving the finishing touches to the I-In-The -Folklore by jenefa de souza content creator. Gearing towards the word count and errors with a pat on my shoulder. It is not my egoist attempt that gets my heart pounding or head spinning, moreover always appreciative of other genre that gets shifted attention with a big nod thanks Meg expert The WordPress.com Blog. Here is an excerpt of the following which has quite a following. Hopefully you do not deter from WordPress Stories gala.


Au revoir at second glances !

Goan Korum / Goan Korom /Tora Xiro/Tora Shiro/Instant raw mango salad/Raw mango slices in brine/Torashir — Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes

Water Pickle Variety!

You can’t wait to snack on those slender slices or (X) ToraShiro . Awhile back we were at a grand rendezvous with scrumptiously delicious delicacies spread, long to convey or usurp with this upbringing. Those longing/yearning to pick at food in a earnest content may pop at home any time fresh or pickled be ready to surprise yourselves Yipee eh!

Those crunchy carrots biased cut cooked in a light sugar syrup with 2 drops of lemon juice. Don’t tell me you did not get your hands on carrots with carrot tops which are utilized as a veg dish and baby carrots to snack on at a hiking trip. Spontaneous cooking/baking with the above carrots carrot rolls -sugar, salt water ,milk ,soda bicarbonate ,compote, butter, flour mix well to a spreading flat consistency with a rolling pin cut into squares roll with tapering ends apply a coat of oil on top and bake at 450. Goes well with a nice cupuoochai ENJOY!

This is done two ways one is instant and other in brine. Instant In Brine A. Ingredients: 1 large raw mango (350 – 400gms) 2 slit green chilies spicy once (1X4) or cut lengthwise 1 ½ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon water Preparation: 1. Wash, clean and cut the raw mango into slices (keep the core […]

Goan Korum / Goan Korom /Tora Xiro/Tora Shiro/Instant raw mango salad/Raw mango slices in brine/Torashir — Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes

Memoirs of WP

Our whole family will soon swoon over the delectable spread, that is made simple and offered by WordPress.com

the swap over favorite in search was amazing in terms of star quality, thanks to the stint of jwhile articles from blogger . Awesome friends who are now mine virtual friends, with tons of folklore ideas and an iota of chuckling in tongue and cheek .

The sheer grit to post a few adorable comments and reply to the same means that much of attention is given to strangers we never even know wow. make it a point to go through the subscribers, their comments makes a commendable treat as to how online folks react to recaptcha.

The frosted or windshield washer glasses drove and stole a few hearts in Cheerapungi, Beware with whom you may strike a note extra ordinarily. You stumble upon those suspension bridges on your touristy visit to Assam, how awestruck are we and in wonder to appreciate like rosetta stone quote ” No time to stand beneath the boughs and watch as long as sheep or cows”

Have you tried the new gimmick of hastag as way of transferring certain type of files. Hope you’re liking the Women’s Day poster which happens on eight of march every year, it took the world by storm.

Orange and cherries panna cotta — helenscchin’s Blog

As the year 2020 draws to a close with all the pandemic, chaos and natural disasters, receive God’s Peace. This is still our deepest need, and Jesus our Prince of Peace, long to pour Himself into our neediness. May God fill us with His very being, permeated through and through with Peace. Thanks God for […]

& Tourism -attunedcom’s Blog

Orange and cherries panna cotta — helenscchin’s Blog

-Travel & Tourism – attunedcom’s Blog

We learn through food and nutrition chefs whose practice takes them to the nook and crannies of the city. There are other expertise like embroidery and stitching, ESL language training, DIY crafts , FYI decorating ideas really admire their devotion to their craft. Where they have folks teaming up to enroll in these activities and complete satisfactorily. During the pandemic we have heaved a sigh of relief with a few things that we have and be thankful and grateful. Paying heed to our powerful intercession and novena were answered. Seems like old times when we learn to catch up on hold hobbies/leisure/recreational treasured moments, we realize how to cope with modern facilities and life seems more amusing than ever before. Lately our acquittance returned from competing in Scripps Spelling Bee competition, blushing from head to toe after winning the nationals. Picturesque artistically here we go some of the erstwhile examples –

we return to our humdrum existence with politeness, eagerly to learn and grasp more with the help of our experts. We focus on treating our stylistic and overall health order properly with genuine care. Population sciences program caters to those needing extra income and perhaps their marital bliss. In a lighter shade of grey we need to reduce our vocabulary to a minimum amount. even among huge crowds of people. Until then keep safe and stay pretty as you please.


Learning to Cope

before the catwalk, we have more items to participate in we do not return to the prime time booth where we rehearse our lines, do a dress rehearsal, make up and hair styling. From the beginning of the show to the end our part is scheduled. We be on all the parts at a certain time on stage so we’ve timed ourselves to dress for the part and organize ourselves accordingly making it a huge success for our team cheer leading song backstage.

(1) we argue between us describe your worst ever

(2) describe your stint in the kitchen with the least of seven favorite soups, & curries

go wild as you please go and do yourself a favor and share it on attunedcom.wordpress.com until then bye from our remote location Crisscross dessert in Canada.